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Doapsoap is now taking PRE-ORDERS for two NEW flavors: Mint and Lavendar which come in both 8oz and 32oz sizes. Images coming soon. Order yours now: (602) 810-0745 or! Doapsoap: Organic Soap for Organic People.

We sell artisan organic soap. All of our ingredients are fair trade and have been prepared without any sort of animal testing. If we test on an animal it is usually a stinky/hairy man. Our handcrafted soap is guaranteed to delight your nostrils and skin with the essence of Rosemary and Lemongrass or Lavendar and Sage.
Ladies and Gentlemen, get used to hearing about the universally acclaimed Doapsoap: Organic Soap for Organic People! This soap has been manifested from the ethers to cleanse your body, mind, and spirit with each and every drop. In times long past, Doapsoap was often referred to as the liquified essence of gold. A soap brewed with pure organic oil - it's purpose is to bring humanity to a Golden Age! By using Doapsoap, you have a friend to help you transform your energy and cleanse your Magnetic Field (Aura and Halo). For this reason, contemporary critics claim, "Doapsoap is a diamond in the rough. A true gem and delight to use!"
Side effects may include:
Blissful experiences
A creative outlook on life
All of these blessings are thanks to the unseen, incomprehensible, universal forces at work providing the rays of sun and rich nutritious soil needed to grow Doapsoap's ingredients. The elements of this Earth have come together in harmony to bring you the One 'N' Only Doapsoap: Organic Soap for Organic People. A 100% organic soap that is chemical free, with no sulphates, artificial ingredients or preservatives. Being a vegan product, Doapsoap does no animal testing except on the occasional dirty passerby!

Also, aside from using our convenient website, feel free to place your Doapsoap orders through email at or call directly at (602) 810-0745. We will process your order in all haste. Your business keeps our baby going and it is MUCH appreciated.


Guru and Har Rai Khalsa

Co-Founders of Doapsoap: Organic Soap for Organic People.

Doapsoap in Thrasher Magazine

Witness, Doapsoap's media coming out party! Doapsoap and Guru Khalsa featured in the January 2014 edition of Thrasher Magazine.


We at Doapsoap want to sincerely thank Thrasher Magazine for their support of Guru Khalsa and Doapsoap. You guys are great. You have really helped Doapsoap receive immediate exposure from El Paso, TX all the way to the UK. Thank you guys!

Doapsoap is now taking PRE-ORDERS for two NEW flavors: Mint and Lavendar which come in both 8oz and 32oz sizes. Images coming soon. Order yours now: (602) 810-0745 or! Doapsoap: Organic Soap for Organic People.

For everyone interested, get your 1st-Edition 'Lemongrass Zen' Doapsoap today before it's all sold out!

Yoga Central Houston

Address: 1123 Jackson Blvd. Houston, TX 77006

Phone: (713) 528-7345




About Yoga Central Houston





Yoga Central is a non-profit teaching center for Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. We are located in the heart of Houston and have been here for over 30 years! We are affiliated with 3HO, the Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization, a global non-profit organization comprised of people dedicated to living a life that uplifts and inspires. 


"Happiness is your birthright!"

- Yogi Bhajan


General Information


What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® is one of the most comprehensive of yoga traditions, combining physical exercises, breathing techniques, mantra and extended meditation. Also known as the "Yoga of Awareness," the primary focus is on awakening and increasing the full potential of human consciousness, delivering an experience of your highest potential that you can take out into the every day world.


By means of the ancient yogic techniques that have been passed down to us, we learn how to calm the mind, stimulate and balance the endocrine system, and distribute the benefits of yogic practice to every aspect of our physical, mental and spiritual being.  Our physical bodies can heal when all the systems are brought into balance.  Our mental activity becomes clear and calm as we clean out the subconscious, balance our emotions and learn to listen to our intuition. And our spiritual light shines brighter as we learn the techniques for maintaining contact with that part of our higher self that is infinite.  


Although Kundalini yoga is based on this ancient Indian tradition, here at Yoga Central, there is no requirement to belong to any belief system in order to reap the benefits.  The positive effects can be felt and enjoyed by anyone at any age, with any level of experience in yoga or meditation.  We invite you to come by, try a class and experience it for yourself!

Green Earth Emporium

Address: 4481 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37919

Phone: 865.588.9882




About Green Earth Emporium


Join our conscious community today!



Green Earth Emporium was born out of a strong desire to be of service to the community and to the world. Eric Dixon opened the store in 1994 with the dream of providing a market place for environmentally friendly products. Out of this dream came the added mission of cultivating a better understanding and respect for the richness of the arts and philosophies of other cultures. 

Green Earth Emporium is a unique holistic gift shop offering products that nourish the body and soul. When you walk into Green Earth Emporium you leave the hectic world behind. You are warmly greeted and instantly find yourself surrounded by the soothing sounds of world music and enticing aromas of fine naturally scented candles and incense. “People feel good when they come to our store,” says Eric, “many of our customers drop by on a regular basis just to recharge their batteries.”

As the name implies, Green Earth Emporium carries a wide variety of fine earth-friendly products. Chemical free cosmetics and skin care lines pamper your body. Aromatherapy essential oils lift your spirits and calm your nerves. Angela’s card shop brings journals, gift-wrap and greeting cards for those who want something a little out of the ordinary. For an overall sense of well-being and tranquility, Green Earth Emporium provides a complete line of yoga and meditation supplies. Musical wind chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, beautiful gem and mineral specimens and much more help bring a sense of peaceful serenity into your life. 

To help release your creative spirit, Green Earth Emporium offers indigenous drums and percussion instruments from around the world for adults and children. An accomplished hand drummer, Eric enjoys giving demonstrations and talking about the drums. “Drumming re-awakens a musical sense that lies dormant in most people,” says Eric, “In our mother’s womb, we were soothed by the rhythmic sounds of her heartbeat and breathing – These were really our first experiences with sound and possibly our first stimulation from the outside world. Drumming brings this back to us.”

Whether shopping for a special gift or treating yourself, everything for mind, body and spirit can be found at Green Earth Emporium. Visit the store in the Shops at Western Plaza, 4481 Kingston Pike. 

Yoga Santa Fe

Address: 1505 Llano Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

Phone: (505) 982-6369




About Yoga Santa Fe






Yoga Santa Fe was inspired by the vision of community: A vision to create a center of healing practices that are based on Yoga philosophy as taught by Yogi Bhajan, to uplift the human spirit and consciousness. As part of a network of over a thousand centers worldwide, Yoga Santa Fe is committed to create a sustainable and supportive environment for those who seek spiritual wisdom. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate individuals who serve the planet and assist in creating global consciousness.

We offer Kundalini Yoga classes for all levels. Our yoga room is designed to be cozy, serene and peaceful where people gather to relieve stress, increase vitality, balance the mind and uplift the spirit through yogic practice and knowledge.


General Information


Kundalini Yoga is a technology, thousands of years old that enables each person to tap into his or her own potential to grow, to learn and to develop the inner strength to face life’s challenges successfully. This sacred yogic discipline promotes physical health, stimulates the potential of the mind, and touches one’s inner most being. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is recognized as one of the major systems of yoga instruction.

West-East Yoga St. Louis

Address: 916 Olive St. Saint Louis, Missouri 63101

Phone: (314) 621-3263



About West East - WE Yoga


Join our conscious community today!



West-East (WE) Yoga is a dynamic downtown St. Louis yoga community! WE Yoga offers "everything healing"

including yoga, group meditation, belly dancing, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, singing bowl sessions, reiki, and MORE. Let us work together to uplift humanity.

Prophecy: Doap Soap use rampant

One day we will live in a society where Doapsoap use is rampant. People are addicted to the The One 'N' Only Doapsoap. You may ask yourself the question, when will the day come where Doapsoap is more prevalent and widely used than Dope/Drugs? The answer is manifesting NOW before our eyes!

According to the Vedic Astrologic calendar we are in the Bronze Age or Doapar Yuga (often referred to as the Dwapara Yuga). As we transition into the Sun sign of Aquarius in December of 2012 we will roughly be entering the last 2,000 years of the Doapar Yuga before entering the Silver Age (Treta Yuga). For this reason, and for the beautiful similarity in spelling, Doapsoap = THE soap of the Doapar Yuga or Bronze Age. We are coming into a time of change. The Dark Age or Kali Yuga has been left behind. While things may get worse before they get better, use Doapsoap to clean up your life and clear your Karma! The time is now to work our way back into a Golden Age or Sat Yuga (Age of Truth).

With the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the next 2,000 years will be cleared by using Doapsoap: The soap of the Doapar Yuga.

Doapsoap is now taking PRE-ORDERS for two NEW flavors: Mint and Lavendar which come in both 8oz and 32oz sizes. Images coming soon. Order yours now: (602) 810-0745 or! Doapsoap: Organic Soap for Organic People.


Progress Report: Doap Sense

Doap Sense will represent a new wave of global collectivism. It will be a forum for the freshest and cleanest new products, ideas and lifestyles! To our community we provide an alternative forum for consumerism, idealism and enthusiasm. A forum where consciousness, awareness and true swagger are taken into account. We hope that you enjoy your life more thanks to our service. Live life with happinnes. Live life with joy. And live life to the fullest!

Doap Sense is on its way. It is a culture, a way of life, a subculture Mecca of sorts. Compiling styles, rhythms and crafts - Doap Sense, have some common sense!

Coming soon. - Fall 2012.

Doap Soap Cartoon by Tony Rubino

Posted by Har Rai Khalsa on Monday, July 23, 2012.

Doap Soap Cartoon


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